By Victoria Curiel

sangiovanni-3Carlos Sangiovanni, restless artist and designer, whose work has made a mark in different periods of the Dominican art history, recently brings a new proposal:“El último árbol” (The last three) made with ceramics and paintings (mixed media), using the in-sight and social awareness that every sensitive citizen –in special artists from different genres- should have as a duty to avoid destruction and impairment of our natural resources, and prevent implementation failure-sometimes of our environmental laws– by the state, as well as the actions of political and business groups like multinational mining companies.

In this sense “El ultimo árbol” is a vital exhibition from an artist who has not stood idly at the spectacle Dominicans are daily living as they observe the intent of exploiting Loma Miranda Mountain, the installation of a concrete factory in Los  Haitises thanks to the wild and irresponsible planning from those who are called to safeguard our natural diversity.


The works in the exhibition were made in the above mentioned media, ceramics, painting, bark and pieces of tree trunks, and with effects of beautiful color painting mixed media (digital prints on canvas), featuring fish images, trees, nature…

Carlos Sangiovanni quoted in his presentation that “Our visual in-sight reflected in our ceramic and pictographic objects orbit around the tree as a source of life, given its importance in the cycle of nature and its changes.” Then he adds: History shows us how trees have always been present in religion and the folklore of different civilizations. They have been described as “a gift of God or the Gods”, man and animals “as the link between Heaven and Earth or like the resting place of the soul.”

The artist himself makes the exhibition introduction in a triptych, where he reveals his intentions raising red flags through his resource:the arts, and when visiting the exhibition in the Art Gallery & Studio, located on the Calle Arzobispo Meriño No.111 Colonial Zone.

Translated by Eduardo Houllemont